Lodestone Security is a professional services firm that provides cyber security services to small and medium-sized businesses. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford rigorous cyber security.

All companies, particularly those that have access to and store sensitive personal data are vulnerable to cyber-security threats. And, while there is much greater awareness around the increase in security-related incidents, new regulatory requirements and liability, many companies are challenged by the daily demands of their business and limited resources. Lodestone Security helps your company manage these potential threats so that you can remain focused on your business.

Our staff includes security experts who have worked in the world’s top professional services firms so we can offer you “Big Four” expertise and results … without Big Four pricing. Rigorous and proprietary methodologies are the cornerstone of all that we do. We adhere to proven techniques that allow us to create a consistent, organized approach in addressing every client challenge and keeping you constantly updated on our progress. We recognize that every business faces a unique set of circumstances, and our approach is designed to ensure you receive the tailored and highly detailed degree of service and professionalism that your company deserves.

Our approach offers practical, real-time and real-world solutions for companies to help them initiate and maintain the proper controls and protocols around cyber-security risks. We deliver an actionable point-by-point prescription for your cyber-security strategy. This strategy will be prioritized by your unique vulnerabilities focusing on your people, policies, and technology. We can also work with you to help you implement the prescriptive recommendations.

Because security threats are constantly evolving, we can provide you with continuous follow through to help you remain in an offensive position rather than a defensive one. To remain effective, cyber-security controls need to be constantly updated and we can be an ongoing partner to ensure those updates are implemented. Importantly, our commitment to managing your cyber-security risks will enable you to focus on your most critical priority – your business.

Our three primary services are



We spend time addressing the business and technical needs of senior management, board members and day-to-day business managers by providing security strategy development, advisory services and executive education.


By understanding the business needs and security vulnerabilities of the SMB market, we conduct thorough reviews of the technical infrastructure to determine how well a client is protected from threats and how well they meet regulatory requirements.


In the event of a breach, we investigate events to determine scope, extent, and impact. We assess existing incident response capabilities and help build more effective capabilities. We guide victims of ransomware attacks to the most appropriate solution.

Organizations of all sizes face cyber-security challenges with threats constantly evolving as threat actors employ new techniques and refine their tools.

The defense measures of yesterday may be ineffective tomorrow. The risk to small and mid-size companies—often underserved by cyber consultants—can be even more dramatic. Lodestone Security exists to help SMBs establish, manage and monitor a cyber-security risk management program tailored to their specific needs.

We guide our clients through every step of the process, helping them to better understand the cyber-security threat landscape while identifying and establishing appropriate, cost-effective defense postures. Our work does not stop there; we stay involved to ensure that their defensive measures have been effectively implemented and we partner with them in responding to security incidents when they occur.

Technical skills and tools are table stakes

Historically, consulting firms have focused on technical skills and tools to help clients manage information security risks. However, this alone is not enough to address an organization’s needs. It takes an understanding of the industry, the
business and the specific regulatory requirements facing clients to identify and protect their most valuable assets. At Lodestone, we are problem solvers who
translate these technological needs, business requirements and regulations into informed and intelligent solutions.

Focusing on what clients need to know

The nature and size of the company determines how it approaches cyber-security. Large organizations can rely on their internal capabilities to drive risk management activities, but for many SMBs their chief concern is that “they don’t know what they don’t know.” Lodestone specializes in the healthcare, retail and higher education sectors with a focus in the small to mid-size market and we understand the challenges facing these firms. We’re industry specialists who guide our clients through the information security maze and focus on what they need to know:

  • What assets are at greatest risk
  • How to balance business needs with security requirements
  • What incidents occur most often
  • What expectations regulators have
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Our systematic end-to-end process

We apply a methodical process to all that we do — leaving no stone unturned to protect our clients’ information and ultimately their competitive position, reputation and valuation.