Working together to protect your most valuable assets

At Lodestone, cyber-security is our only business. We understand that our clients have their own businesses and are looking for a strategic guide to educate them on cyber-defense, help them protect their assets and assist, in the event of a breach.

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We spend time addressing the business and technical needs of senior management, board members and day-to-day business managers by providing security strategy development, advisory services and education.


By understanding the business needs and security vulnerabilities of the SMB market, we conduct thorough reviews of the technical infrastructure to determine how well a client is protected from threats and how well they meet regulatory requirements.


In the event of a breach, we investigate events to determine scope, extent, and impact. We assess existing incident response capabilities and help build more effective capabilities. We guide victims of ransomware attacks to the most appropriate solution.
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Together with our clients, we’ll identify the most appropriate path and guide them every step of the way.

Building a bridge from the security oversight committee to the C-suite

Lodestone dedicates highly skilled security professionals to every client engagement. Working side-by-side with internal partners, together we’ll identify the most appropriate path and we’ll be there every step of the way.
  • The SMB market is our only focus and we understand its unique vulnerabilities.
  • A strong technical foundation is imperative. Lodestone leverages the knowledge, tools and technical skills of its most experienced consultants to the benefit of all clients.
  • Risk management involves business. We understand our client’s industries and businesses and communicate with executives and board members on their terms.
  • We tailor every solution and offer rates that are competitive and appropriate to the SMB market.
  • We have our finger on the pulse of “next sector threats”. We’re backed by Beazley Insurance so our clients benefit from the information gleaned from thousands of incidents as well as strategic intelligence developed from recent attacker activity and trends.
  • Our best and brightest implement a structured, repeatable processes and provide guidelines and protocols for ongoing consistent execution.